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Amber is a Legendary Damage Dealer from Brawl Stars. She is the first female legendary brawler. Her devastating fire attack makes Amber unstoppable at mid-range. Amber unleashes a continuous stream of fire at her enemies and controls the area using oil puddles that can be ignited at her will. She uses her Star Powers to charge her Super attack or increase the reload speed. Her gadget, Fire Starters, gives her a movement speed boost and additional AoE damage.

Who Is Amber?

Amber is a happy-go-lucky pyromaniac from Mexico.

Main Attack:

Amber’s Dragon Breath devastates unlucky enemies who get too close to her. Watch the ammo!

Super attack:

Amber can Torch ‘Em with her oil-filled flasks. She drops them at the feet of other Brawlers and ignites oil puddles with the main attack. Great for clearing out bushes and campers.


Players unlock the Fire Starters gadget after Amber reaches Power 7. It has 3 charges allowing Amber to dash towards or run away from her enemies. The gadget also leaks oil that can be ignited.

Star Powers:

Players unlock Amber’s Star Powers after getting to Power 9. Wild Flames recharge her Super if she stands next to an oil puddle. Scorchin’ Siphon halves her reloading time.

Brawler’s Stats

Level Health Damage Super
1 3200 200 1920
2 3360 210 2016
3 3520 220 2112
4 3680 230 2208
5 3840 240 2304
6 4000 250 2400
7 4160 260 2496
8 4320 270 2592
9 4480 280 2688
10 4640 290 2784
11 4800 300 2880

Pros and Cons

Pros ✅

  • Best midrange brawler
  • Great area control
  • Less skilled players can win with Amber
  • Clears bushes with her Super damaging hidden enemies
  • Great on open maps like Dueling Beetles or Minecraft Madness
  • Perfect counter for high-HP tanks
  • Fast Super regain with Wild Flames

Cons ❌

  • Reload speed is really slow
  • Newbie players tend to run out of ammo
  • Can’t hit fast-moving targets with auto-aim
  • Still vulnerable in close combat
  • Hit-and-miss at long range
  • Hard to play solo in late game
  • Better avoided as a first pick, can be countered easily

What Amber Looks Like

Amber is a Mexican brawler, like Poco and El Primo. She has tanned skin and red spiky hair that resembles an open flame. Amber wears a purple headband, golden earrings, and sports a braid. Her purple sleeveless top is matched by a red skirt and purple boots. Her arms are adorned with golden bracelets. Amber carries a torch as a weapon. Her costume emphasizes fire and fury. She says phrases both in English and Spanish. Amber’s voice actor is Leah Arscott.

Amber Brawl Stars


Amber is somewhere between 25-30 years old.

  • 17/10/20:
    The Brawl Talk podcast makes an announcement about Amber.
  • 21/10/20:
    Several YouTube channels post sneak previews of Amber, including a few gameplay mechanics, animations, her Gadget and the first Star Power, Wild Flames.
  • 22/10/20:
    Brawl Stars players can access Amber in the Training Cave.
  • 23/10/20:
    Official release date. Amber becomes available to play in PvP matches. Players can buy her at the Store or unlock from Boxes and Mega Boxes.
  • 29/10/20:
    Amber gets nerfed.
    Health goes down from 3,300 HP to 3,000 HP.
    Super goes down from 2,000 to 1,800 damage points.
    Charging the Super now takes more time.
  • 09/11/20:
    Basic DPS is nerfed to 2,000 points.
    Movement speed is now normal instead of very fast.
  • 13/11/20:
    Amber gets a second Star Power, called the Scorchin’ Siphon.
  • 27/01/21:
    Basic health goes up to 3,200 HP (from 3,000 HP).
    Basic damage is now 220 points per flame (instead of 200).
  • 15/03/21:
    Basic damage goes back to 200 points per flame.
    The Super attack damage goes up from 1,800 to 1,920 points.
  • 03/04/21:
    The Brawl Talks podcast announces a new skin for Amber.
  • 07/04/21:
    Amber’s reload speed is decreased by 10%.
  • 28/05/21:
    Players can buy the new Amber de la Vega skin at the store.
  • 16/06/21:
    Amber gets animated icons, pins and new phrases.
  • 23/10/21:
    The Brawl Talks podcast announces two new skins for Amber.
  • 27/10/21:
    Players can buy True Silver Amber and True Gold Amber skins at the Store.
    Amber is re-classed as a Damage Dealer. Her Fire breather class becomes obsolete.
  • 01/03/22:
    New visual effects for Amber de la Vega skin.

The history of Amber:

How To Unlock Amber

Amber from Brawl Stars can be unlocked from Brawl Boxes and Mega Boxes. Being a legendary character, she has a 0.12% drop chance. Getting Amber for free requires a lot of time and patience.

Or you can always add her to your profile at the shop, but it will cost you a pretty penny even with a discount.

How to get Amber on Brawl Stars:

How To Play Amber

Amber deals a lot of damage mid-range. Auto-aim when the enemy is close, switch to manually aiming against fast-moving or strafing targets. Don’t spend your ammo too fast, and always wait before a reload is complete.

Amber’s Super is great for area control. Drop a flask of oil on the trail and try baiting the enemy to step on the puddle. Then ignite the oil. Amber’s Super can reach enemies on the other side of the wall and clear bushes.

How to use Amber (video tutorial):

Amber’s Gadget gives her a moderate speed boost. Use it as soon as you get it to close the distance between you and your target. The best build for proactive players is the Scorchin’ Siphon Star Power + the Fire Starters gadget.

Best modes to play: Heist, Hot Zone

Worst modes to play: Bounty, Knockout

Amber can be a good pick for Gem Grab due to her area control skills. Experienced players can benefit from Amber’s ranged attack in the Brawl Ball mode.

Amber vs. Other Brawlers

Mortis, Gene, Sprout, Spike and Surge are the perfect counters for Amber.

  • Gene can grab Amber to eliminate her range advantage.
  • Mortis can camp and sneak up on Amber.
  • Sprout creates barriers with his Super Seed and can use shields against Amber’s fire attack.
  • Spike will slow down Amber before she gets in mid-range.
  • Surge outranges Amber and has a very fast attack that will finish her off before she starts firing.

Using Amber against tanks and other high-health enemies like El Primo is a good idea.

Playing Amber is risky against characters who can out range her or use sneak attacks like Rosa or Mortis. Use map advantages if you have any and rely on your teammates in late game. Clear out bushes with the Super attack to get rid of campers.


  • The Amber de la Vega skin can be bought for 149 Gems. It pays homage to Zorro with its mask, sword and cape.
  • The True Silver skin costs 10K coins.
  • The True Gold skin costs 25K coins.

Amber all new skins on video:

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