Darryl is a unique and versatile Brawler in the popular mobile game Brawl Stars. This article will provide you with everything you need to know about Darryl, including his backstory, characteristics, abilities, skins, and how to play him effectively in various game modes.

Who is Darryl

Darryl is a Super Rare Brawler in Brawl Stars. He is a shotgun-wielding robot with a barrel-shaped body, perfect for rolling into action. Darryl excels in close-range combat and can surprise opponents with his agility and firepower.

Characteristics of the Brawler

  • Role: Heavyweight
  • Health: Moderate to High
  • Range: Short to Mid
  • Movement Speed: Normal


  • High burst damage
  • Strong mobility with Super ability
  • Effective in close-range combat
  • Can escape or engage quickly


  • Limited effectiveness at long-range
  • Requires strategic positioning
  • Vulnerable during Super’s rollout

What the Brawler Darryl from Brawl Stars looks like

Darryl is a barrel-shaped robot with two shotguns mounted on his sides. He has a pirate-like appearance, complete with a bandana, eye patch, and various pirate-themed skins.

Darryl Brawl Stars


Darryl’s backstory isn’t explicitly laid out in the game, but his pirate theme suggests that he may have been part of a pirate crew. Darryl’s life from creation to “death” isn’t clear, as the game’s narrative is more focused on action and competition rather than providing detailed character stories.

How old is Darryl

Darryl’s age is unknown, as there isn’t any specific information provided in the game or its official sources.

How to get Darryl

Darryl can be unlocked through Brawl Boxes or by purchasing him from the in-game shop when available.

How to play Darryl


  • Main Attack: Double Deuce – Fires two waves of shotgun shells, dealing damage to enemies.
  • Super: Barrel Roll – Rolls forward in a straight line, dealing damage to enemies and bouncing off walls.


Darryl’s attack is most effective in close-range combat. Position yourself strategically to maximize your damage output and avoid long-range Brawlers.


Use Darryl’s Super to escape from dangerous situations, engage enemies, or traverse the map quickly. Be mindful of your surroundings, as Darryl can be vulnerable during his rollout.

Star Power

Darryl has two Star Powers: Steel Hoops and Rolling Reload. Steel Hoops grants a damage-reducing shield when using his Super, while Rolling Reload reloads his main attack faster after using his Super.

Playing in different modes

Darryl is versatile and can be effective in various game modes, including Gem Grab, Heist, Brawl Ball, and Siege. Adapt your playstyle according to the specific mode and map.


Successful Matchups

  • Short-range Brawlers: Darryl’s burst damage gives him an advantage in close combat against Brawlers like Shelly or El Primo.
  • Low-health Brawlers: Darryl can easily eliminate low-health Brawlers like Barley, Rico, or Piper.

Unsuccessful Matchups

  • Long-range Brawlers: Darryl struggles against long-range Brawlers like Brock or Bea due to his limited range.
  • High-health Brawlers with crowd controlabilities: Darryl may have difficulty dealing with Brawlers like Frank or Lou, who have high health and can disrupt Darryl’s gameplay with their crowd control abilities.


Darryl has several skins available, each with a unique appearance:

  • Default Darryl: The basic skin with a pirate theme, featuring a bandana and eyepatch.
  • Dumdum Darryl: A candy-themed skin with vibrant colors and a lollipop design.
  • Mascot Darryl: Darryl dressed as a sports mascot, complete with a foam finger and ball cap.
  • Ricochet Darryl: A futuristic and sleek skin with a metallic finish and neon accents.
  • Each skin can be purchased using in-game currency or unlocked through special events and promotions.

In conclusion, Darryl is a versatile Brawler with high burst damage and mobility, perfect for players who enjoy close-range combat and agile gameplay. With a variety of skins available, Darryl can be customized to fit your personal style. Learn how to maximize his abilities and matchups to dominate the competition in Brawl Stars.


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