Enter the Princess: Angelic Piper the Brawler

Piper from Brawl Stars is a vicious fighter disguised under angelic looks and aristocratic outfit. Her health is relatively poor, but she can cause high damage at maximum range. Her shooting speed is very high, although she takes long to reload.

Piper is quite vulnerable when unprotected, and she is most effective when fighting in a team, but her Poppin’ Power allows her to leap out of danger at close range.

Who is Piper from Brawl Stars

Piper is a secret agent whose innocent face and noble dress make people trust her too easily. Her long-range rifle and plenty of grenades under her skirts make her a deadly opponent. She can also jump up and detonate three grenades at a time, destroying everyone around her.


Level Health Super Damage Standard Damage (max/close range)
1 3,200 900 1520/350
2 3,360 945 1596/367
3 3,520 990 1672/385
4 3,680 1035 1748/402
5 3,840 1080 1824/420
6 4,000 1125 1900/437
7 4,160 1170 1976/455
8 4,320 1215 2052/472
9 4,480 1260 2128/490
10 4,640 1305 2204/507
11 4,800 1350 2280/525


  • Her Super Power helps her attack as well as jump out of a close range
  • She can shoot very far and deal massive damage at maximum range
  • She has excellent movement speed


  • Piper’s health is very weak, and she takes long to recover
  • Without her Poppin’, she is quite useless at close range
  • She takes long to reload

What Piper Looks Like

Piper is sweet yet deadly dangerous. Clad in a long blue dress and crystal Cinderella shoes, this brawler looks innocent and charming, and her elegant umbrella adds to her noble appearance. But wait until she starts fighting, and you will forget Disney in a split second. And by the way, her umbrella is a rifle.

Piper Brawl Stars


Our heroine is turning 5 this year, although she looks about 16. This has been her story so far:

03.07.2017 Piper Brawl Stars was born.
06.07.2017 Her movement speed in Super attacks went down by 25%.
16.08.2017 The damage from her standard attack went down from 460 to 440 at minimum range, and from her Super attack – from 300 to 200.
04.09.2017 The damage from her standard attack went down to 420 at minimum range.
07.12.2017 Piper’s damage and health stats increased by 4.

She acquired Ambush Star Power.

27.01.2018 Her reload time went down from 3 to 2.5 seconds.

The damage from her standard attack went down from 1680 to 1480 at maximum range.

21.03.2018 The damage from her standard attack went up to 1560 at maximum range.

The range of her standard attack was reduced to improve visibility.

Her movement speed went up from 650 to 720.

Her standard attack projectile became larger and 9% faster.

23.03.2018 Her standard attack projectile became 33% smaller and 3% slower.
09.04.2018 Her gap between shots went up from 0.5 to 0.25 seconds.

The damage from her standard attack went up to 1640 at maximum range.

29.05.2018 Her reload time went down to 2.3 seconds.
15.04.2019 Her grenade count went up from 3 to 4.

The damage from her Super attack went up to 900.

The distance between her Super grenades was increased.

14.08.2019 She acquired Snappy Sniping Star Power.
29.08.2019 Her Snappy Sniping ammunition went down from 0.5 to 0.4.

Piper’s Ambush damage went up from 400 to 500.

She underwent cosmetic surgery and received a Pink skin.

18.09.2019 Her Snappy Sniping ammunition went down to 0.3.
09.10.2019 Piper’s Ambush damage went up to 800.

Her Super grenade attack has been patterned.

23.10.2019 The damage from her standard attack went down to 1600 at maximum range.
01.11.2019 She received a Calavera skin, featured as Brawl-o-ween.
07.11.2019 The damage from her standard attack went down to 1520 at maximum range.
14.02.2020 She received a Cupid skin was added, featured as Brawlentine’s Day.
17.03.2020 She received an Auto Aimer Gadget.
13.05.2020 Her Auto Aimer Gadget was reprogrammed from 4 bullets with the damage of 500 each to 1 bullet with the damage of 100, knocking an opponent out and slowing him down for half a sec.
02.07.2020 She received a True Silver and a True Gold skins.
15.07.2020 She received a Homemade Recipe Gadget.
18.08.2020 The range of her Homemade Recipe bullets went down by 15%.
10.09.2020 Piper underwent another cosmetic surgery, and her Pink skin was refashioned.
22.10.2020 Her facial expressions were upgraded.
04.12.2020 She received a Choco skin, featured as Line Friends.
15.12.2020 Her Snappy Sniping ammunition went up to 0.4.

She received a Super Landing Indicator.

27.01.2021 Her Calavera’s face and pins were animated.
25.08.2021 Her Calavera’s visual effects were reprogrammed.
15.09.2021 She received a Lunar skin.
27.10.2021 Piper Brawl Stars has been moved from Sharpshooters to Damage Dealers.

How to Get Piper

Piper is pretty hard to get. On average, she shows up in one out of 80 brawl boxes, but you can increase your chances by passing the Sandy test. Alternatively, you can purchase her from the Brawl Shop, but her price in gems varies.

How to Play Piper

  1. Hide her in the bushes, where her standard damage receives from 400 to 800 bonus points and her projectiles travel in a rainbow trail, making her extremely dangerous to enemies.
  2. Stay far away from enemies: she is vulnerable in a close combat, whereas her destructive powers increase with the distance.
  3. Try to shoot down a turret or a minion, as in this case, Piper’s ammunition will reload instantly, and this applies to her Auto Aimer shots as well.

Piper vs Other Brawlers


This fearsome brawler is too slow for our princess and will not last long against Piper’s standard attacks when both are on the same level.


Like Shelly, Nita is almost as good as useless against Piper. Just keep your distance from this brawler and use Piper’s Super Power to jump away when Nita comes too close.


This brawler is superior to Piper on virtually all counts. It is best to stay away from Colt and seek your victories elsewhere.

Jessie and Brock

Like Colt, these two are not the best choice for a fight. Still, Piper’s chances are slightly higher against Brock and Jessie, but wait for them to get knackered and attack them quickly before they recuperate.


Piper Brawl Stars Skins

Piper Calavera 79 gems It imitates Catrina La Garbancera from the Day of the Dead: red roses on a black dress, and her umbrella turns black as well.
Piper Choco 79 gems
Piper Cupid 149 gems She wears a white dress and red belt, and has red pins in her hair.
Piper Lunar 149 gems
Piper Pink 500 Star Points Her dress changes from blue to pink, and she has pink pins in her hair.
Piper True Silver 10K coins
Piper True Gold 25K coins

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